The dashboard is designed for the student to get a quick overview all the information pertaining to their application process and student information. 

What can I find here?

  1. Under the Profile section, you will find "Dashboard". This is where you can view a summary of your information along with your counselor's name, email address and their contact information (if they make it available).

2) You can view all upcoming meetings that have been scheduled with your counselor.

3) One of the most important aspects of the application process is to be aware of all the upcoming tasks and completed tasks. This is in order to not miss out on important deadlines and activities that need to be completed. 

4) After you have filled out all your grades and test scores within your profile, you can view them all in the dashboard as well. 

5) After discussing with your counselor, you can view the shortlisted and finalized universities. You will be able to change this with your counselor at any point during the application process. 

Can I personalize it?

Use the Edit Dashboard feature to show, hide, and rearrange modules in your dashboard. See what you want, when you want to!

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