Cialfo has revamped the platform's look with something more sleek and modern! The update to our site allows you to enjoy a smoother experience and allows us to ensure the system runs faster and stronger! We've worked hard with our engineers and designers to create this beautiful update - hope you're excited as we are!

This article aims to walk you through the new layout to ensure that you don't miss out on anything as well as to orient you on the updates made. This article will cover the following:

  1. Login Page
  2. Student List and Inbox
  3. Account and Settings
  4. Viewing a Student
  5. cDocs
  6. Tasks and Assessments
  7. Using the previous User Experience (UX) version of Cialfo

Login Page

You'll notice that the login page has a brand new look! You'll still be able to use our Google Single-Sign On (SSO) or simply enter your email and password.

Student List & Inbox

  1. Student List: You'll notice that the Student list now has a drop down, where you can still find your Active, Deactivated and Unassigned students.
  2. Inbox: Feel free to chat with your students using the inbox symbol found on the top right corner! We've moved it out of the menu for quicker access

Account & Settings

Upon clicking the downwards arrow, you'll find your Account and personal Settings.

You'll have easy access to:

  1. Your settings as a user (My Settings) - where you can update your information and notifications
  2. Account settings - configurations that you can set for your whole Cialfo account
  3. Team - where you can add your fellow staff (additional counselors, registrars, teachers, etc). Note: you can now toggle between active and deactivated team members!

4. Upload - where you can upload your school's data; students' information, test scores and more
5. Help - access to the Help Center, Chat with Cialfo
6. Logout button

Viewing a Student

Upon selecting a student from the Student list, you'll notice 2 differences:

  1. The left hand menu changes in relation to the student you're looking at. You can see that these are the features and information you can select regarding that specific student. From the Dashboard, Task Lists and Assessments, Notes and more!
  2. To go back to the Student list, select the arrow at the top left corner.
  3. To switch between students, choose the forwards and backwards arrow.


Upon selecting cDocs, you'll notice that the left hand menu will drop down to show you the 3 tabs that you need to work with your students - the Documents tab, Recommendations and Submissions

Tasks and Assessments

Resources has been renamed to "Tasks and Assessments" - this is where you can find all the Task Lists and Application Configs you have created and assigned to your students. You will also find the assessments you can assign to your students, too.

Notice that on the left hand menu, you will still have access to the 3 folders you had previously under Resources:

  1. Your School Folder
  2. Personal Folder
  3. Cialfo Folder

Using the Previous UX of Cialfo

If you find that you need a little bit more time adjusting to the new UX, we have introduced a toggle that allows you to go between the new and previous versions.

This will be available for a few months to allow you all to get more adjusted to the new UX of Cialfo.

You can find this at the top right corner on your Student list page:

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