After guardians are uploaded into your school's Cialfo account, there are two methods for sending registration emails allowing access to Cialfo.

Method #1

Use Bulk Actions to send registration emails to all guardians or only to those with a relationship to a student in a particular grade level or graduation year.

  • Choose a filter if you only want to send it to a specific grade level or students assigned to a particular counselor, etc.
  • Select all or at least one student, then bulk actions will appear, choose the action from the dropdown menu

Method #2

Manually send guardian registration emails for individual students/guardians.

  • Search for the student associate with the Guardian
  • When looking at a student's account, select 'Contacts' under Profile
  • Select > Enable Guardian Account > a blue 'Send Registration' button will appear
  • Press 'Send Registration Email' and it will immediately go to the affiliated email
  • A green banner saying "registration email has been sent" will show on the top of your screen
  • Click Save to save that you have enabled the guardian account

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