Each student and counselor has the ability to update a student's exam and holiday dates within the Student Profile > Personal section. 

This is important information to know as a counselor so you can work with a student alongside their academic timelines. Note that this feature is only available for students who have indicated 'Undergraduate' or 'K-12' as their degree type in Application Details (found in the Application page).  

Getting There

  1. Go to the Counselor Dashboard / Student List. Find the student whose information you want to enter, and click on the Profile hotlink that appears when you hover over their name.

   2. This takes you straight to the Student Profile > Personal section. 2.  Click on 'Profile' at the top menu. Scroll down to the Exam & Holiday Schedule area, where you and your student can add as many dates as required. 

3. On the 'Personal' page, scroll down until you see 'Exam & Holiday Schedule'. Click on '+ Add Exams' or '+ Add Holidays'.

4. Use the calendar provided to help you select the relevant dates. 

5. To edit an existing exam/holiday schedule, click on the  relevant fields and use the calendar to change to another date. To delete an existing exam/holiday schedule, click on the 'trash' icon beside the exam/holiday schedule. 

6. Always remember to click 'Save' at the bottom of your page!

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