With Zoom integration, counselors can now schedule online virtual meetings easily directly within Cialfo!

Create Your Own Zoom Account

Before linking Zoom with Cialfo, you will need to create your own Zoom account. Do so by visiting Zoom's website and learn more about school accounts on Zoom.

Linking Your Zoom Account In Cialfo

Inside Settings, scroll down to Video Conferencing and click on Link Zoom Account.

Sign in to the Zoom account you want to link in Cialfo. You will be asked to Authorize access to your Zoom account. 

Once you have linked your Zoom account, click Save.

Installation Troubleshooting -  

  1. If you cannot see video conferencing option inside settings - Log out and back in Cialfo and try again.
  2. Error - ''You're not authorized to perform this operation. Please make sure this Zoom account is not already linked''. This occurs when you are trying to link one Zoom account with multiple Cialfo accounts. A Zoom account can only be linked with one Cialfo account.
  3. 'My students are unable link Zoom with Cialfo' - Zoom integration is only available for counselors. If a student sets up a meeting with you, you as a counselor can change it to a zoom meeting. Please note: You can change a meeting to a zoom meeting only before you accept it.

Unlinking and Deauthorizing Your Zoom Account

Access Settings on the left menu, and scroll down to video conferencing. Click on the Unlink button in red.

Clicking this button will display instructions on how to unlink your Zoom account.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Step 1 - Find a student

To Schedule a meeting, from the Students page, open the profile of the student with whom you'd like to meet.

Then click on Meetings from the top navigation menu. To schedule a new meeting, click on Schedule Meeting in the top right corner.

Step 2 - Choose an available time slot.

Once you click on Schedule Meeting, the student's calendar will show with available time slots. You will then be able to choose a time slot to meet by click on the calendar.

Step 3 - Fill in meeting details

Once you have chosen a time slot, you will be able to fill in additional details for your Student. This is where you will find Make it a Zoom meeting button.

When you click this button, a zoom link will be added in the location box and other joining details will be added in the agenda box. These includes dial in joining details

Next click Create & Send Invite, which will send an invite to your Student.

Once you have saved, your attendees shall receive a meeting invitation consisting a Zoom link for your video call!

You and your attendees can join the video call using the invitation link from the email or from Cialfo > Student's profile > Meetings

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