If your school community has multiple schools, campuses or is part of a district, Cialfo has created a way for you to quickly access each of school's Cialfo account and even export reports!

If you are not currently using District Management with Cialfo, you will need to inform your Customer Success Manager and determine if it would serve your communities needs and thus purchase this add on service. Your Cialfo Customer Success Manager will set this up for you and train you on how to access District management. 

If you are currently using District Management, the steps below will help you log in, demonstrate how to access Cialfo for each school, show how to generate reports, and help you add Team members.

Using District Management

Step 1 - Access the login for District Management by going to: dm.cialfo.co

 Step 2 - The first screen you access is the Dashboard with 2 sections: "District Schools" and "Reports"

District Schools 

This is where you can quickly access the login page of each school's Cialfo account by clicking "Sign in". It also shows you how many students there are per Class Year.


Reports enables you to easily obtain reports from each school's account without even having to sign in to each individual account! For more information on the different types of reports, you can refer to this article here.

  1. Simply select the type of report you want to be generated.
  2. Choose your desired population of students (ex. Graduation years 2019 to 2020).
  3. Click Download next to the school you want the information to be extracted from.

District Management Set up

Similar to the Cialfo platform itself, you can add members of the team that can access the information of your school's District!

The identified Administrator from your school (see the Roles section below) can add other team members who will be able to access the District account.

To add Members:

Step 1 - Select "Team" found on the left hand menu. 

Step 2 - Click Add Team Member.

Step 3 - A sidebar will appear where you can fill in the necessary details of the Team member you want to add. 

Step 4 - Ensure that you select the appropriate Status and Role (see below) of the person you're adding as a Team member. 

District Admin: Can access all the data and information on District Management, can add and edit Team members. 

District Member: Can access all the data and information on District Management.

Step 5 - Once you have filled out the necessary details, don't forget to click "Save & Add Team Member" found at the top right corner.

Step 6 - After adding the new Team member, be sure to send them a registration email so that they can access District Management.

Sending Registration Emails

Step 1 - Select the Team member you have just added. 

Step 2 - A sidebar will appear to your right, click the "Send Registration Email" at the top right corner.

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