Cialfo has four GPA options available for use in the platform.  

  1. Estimated GPA (calculated from courses and grades entered on the Grades page)
  2. GPA 4.0 (min. 0, max. 4.00 - fixed, up to 2 decimal points)
  3. Weighted GPA 5.0 (min. 0, max 5.00 - fixed, up to 2 decimal points)
  4. School GPA (min. 0, max. customizable - up to 3 decimal points)

While it is possible to have GPA's in all GPA categories, we do not recommend this. We suggest having a GPA in the School GPA section so that your staff and students can utilize the data while using School Search functions. The School GPA will accommodate any GPA grading scheme on a 1-100 scale. School GPA is Cialfo's most recent addition and should serve the majority of schools.

Without GPAs listed in 'School GPA' the School Search information will remain unavailable and greyed out as displayed in the image below.

If you would like to use Cialfo Network Data when viewing Scattergrams and you use a GPA other than 4.0, enter the GPA ranges in Account Configure and your school's GPA will be recalculated.

The Grades section in Account Configure is another place where you and or your students can enter predictive or actual grades.  

If your school does not use a GPA, you can leave these sections blank!

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