For schools not using Cialfo, once an account has been created, the next step is to add Team members and include any directions and special messages colleges and universities should know about visiting your school. At the end of this Help article, you'll be directed to the 3rd and final Help article. Then you will be ready to start accepting visit requests from colleges and universities!

Tour and Setting Timezone

When you log in to Explore for the first time, counselors will be walked through a brief tour and be prompted to confirm their timezone.

Adding Your Team

Before you get started setting your availability, consider which members of your school you want to add to your Explore Team in 2 easy steps.

Step 1 - Navigate to and click on the Team section on the left and a sidebar will open. A new team member can be added by clicking on 'Add a member' button and then provide the required details of the team member. Account status and role are mandatory for every new member added. Account status can be 'Active' for a active member or 'Inactive' for a deactivated member. Roles can be 'Member' or an 'Admin'. Only Admin roles can edit your school's information.

Step 2 - Activate and notify your Team members of their new Explore account! Bulk actions can be performed on a group of team members. The different types of bulk action that can be performed on the team list are 'Activate', 'Deactivate', 'Send Welcome Email' and 'Reset Password'.

Availability Settings - Primary Contact & Messages

The next step in getting started with Explore, is to identify the primary contact at your school for coordinating visits in 5 steps.

Step 1 - Click on Availability on the left menu and then click on Settings in the upper right corner of the calendar.

Step 2 - In the sidebar, click on edit next to Primary Contact & Notifications. Identify what member of your school will be the primary contact for coordinating visits to your school. The list of names are pulled from the Team section of Explore. Don't immediately see their name? Try typing it in the window. If you still cannot find the name, add them in the Team section of Explore.

Step 3 - If there are other people in your school whom you'd like to receive notifications of visits, add their name as well under Member Notifications. Scenarios where this might be helpful is to include security, facilities management staff, etc.

The last step in Availability Settings set up is to identify what Instruction and Confirmation messages you want colleges and universities to receive.

Step 4 - At the bottom of the Availability Settings sidebar, scroll down to Messaging Options and click edit.

Step 5 - If your school has any special instructions for colleges and universities, include them here.


You've now completed the basic set up of your Explore account! The last step is to identify the Availability your school has for hosting college and university representatives. Learn more about setting up your school's availability (dates and times) to host colleges and universities here.

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