Update: Cialfo has rolled out an updated User Experience (UX). For a limited amount of time, clients will be able to switch from using the new UX and previous UX. This article will address both types of UX.

The 'Questionnaire' is a tool designed to streamline surveys, interviews, and other Q&A processes for counselors. However, we have a new Surveys feature that has more functionality and the Questionnaire feature would soon be phased out.

To create a questionnaire, Admins must take the following steps:

New User Experience (UX)

Setting it up

Select "Groups" from the right chevron drop down menu. Select the group for which you'd like to create your questionnaire.

Previous User Experience (UX)

Setting it up  

Select "Groups" on the left menu. Select the group for which you'd like to create your questionnaire. 

Build it 

In the top menu, click on "Questionnaire" and tick the box labeled "Enable Questionnaire". Fill in the Title and Description boxes so students know what the purpose of your questionnaire is. Click + Add Question to create questions for your questionnaire. Add, edit, and rearrange questions using the form builder. Add descriptions if your questions need more context, and select which questions students are required to answer. The questionnaire will auto-save as you go, so no need to worry about losing data.

Modify as needed

Change the contents of your questionnaire any time. However, note that if students have already answered an older version of the questionnaire, their data may be affected. Try not to delete old questions, but feel free to add new questions as you go along!  All students within this group will now be able to see your survey under their questionnaire tab. 

Click here to learn how to add students to a group.

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